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    Clone text frames with numbered headings


      I'm hoping someone out there can help us with this question.


      We have a book with an illustration on one page, and a legend (list of items) on the opposing page. 

      The  heading for the illustration must appear on both pages. The para style for the heading uses an auto-numbering format.

      But, we don't want the heading on the right-hand page to auto-number, we want it to clone what is on the left hand page.


      Is the a way to clone the heading on page 1 (the left-hand page) so that it appears on page 2 (the right-hand page)?


      The goal is if the text changes on the left page, that change is also displayed on the right page.

      The problem we have found is that the cloned text frame takes on the next heading number. For example "1. Heading" on the left becomes "2. Heading" due to the para style.

      We have tried with linked stories, text variables, etc. but the heading on the right-hand page always takes the next number.


      Thoughts anyone?


      Thank you.



      InDesign CC – Windows