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    Autosync and Sync Change Some, But Not All Photos. Must Click on Each Photo to Process.




      I've noticed that when I select a group of images, turn autosync ON, then make a change, let's say exposure, that change affects some photos, but not that are selected.


      So I did a test. Select say 10 images. Turn autosync OFF, then make a very obvious edit, for example color to B&W. Manually sync the photos. A few of the 10 images change to B&W, others don't.  Using either autosync or manual sync very clearly does not affect all selected images.


      The only way I can get the edit to STICK so it's visible is to click on each individual image. Then a I get a "Loading . . . "  indicator, and the edit is applied to that individual image.


      Sometimes I can choose manual sync and edit is applied to a few photos in the group, slowly, but typically not the entire group. Maybe it's a resource problem. Pretty strong machine with 16GB memory, SSD. I don't know. 


      What's going on? Anyone having this problem? Basically kills my workflow because there is no reliable sync function.