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    Recover a project


      I accidentally erased a project and I want it back. Is there any way to recover the erased project?

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          Sue Garibaldi Adobe Employee (Admin)

          HI Exrorro,


          What version of Draw are you using?


          There is now an archive feature for the iOS version of Adobe Draw (it's coming for Android but not in the app yet).


          If you've accidentally deleted a project and you're using the current version of Draw (v3.4) and you'd worked over a wifi connection at some point (so your work had a chance to sync to Creative Cloud) then it should be recoverable in an Archive folder on assets.adobe.com


          If you're using that version of Draw, please log in with your Adobe ID to https://assets.adobe.com/assets/mobile?filter=archive and see if your work is there.


          Let me know how things go.