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    Creative Cloud pain


      Why oh why is Creative Cloud so buggy? I have problems with Typekit fonts nearly every time I open InDesign and it's eating into my work hours having to re-sync and download updates to Creative Cloud before I can use them.

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          KanikaS Adobe Employee

          Moving to Typekit

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            Liz, Typekit Support Adobe Employee

            I'm sorry that font sync is giving you trouble.  The next time that the fonts aren't available, please try turning off font sync in the Creative Cloud application, wait a moment, and then turn it back on. The option to do this is under the gear icon in Preferences > Creative Cloud > Fonts ("Typekit on/off").


            That will start a new sync session, and should get the fonts working for you again in the short term. It's a workaround, but will be faster than signing out or rebooting the computer.


            Then would you give us some more details about the problem you're seeing, so we can look into and open a bug, if necessary?


            For example, it sounds like the fonts are synced to your Creative Cloud desktop application, but when you later open InDesign or another program, they aren't available in the font menu. Is that correct?


            Please feel free to include any screenshots to help illustrate the issue! Thank you,

            -- liz

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              tarae92699778 Level 1

              I understand about syncing, it's just super annoying that it happens all the time. I would rather not have to open the CC desktop app every time, as it seems to always need an update which takes forever to download.


              So please view these comments as they only way I can give you feedback about your software, rather than as a problem that I think you can solve!

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                Liz, Typekit Support Adobe Employee

                Thanks for explaining, and sorry I misunderstood your original post. I'll share your comments with the team so they can look at other possible options in the future, such as adding the ability to put off a software update if it comes at a bad time.


                You can always post comments here on the forum, but there is also the option to submit bug reports and features requests directly to a specific team from http://www.adobe.com/products/wishform.html. Choose the software name, e.g. "Creative Cloud", from the menu at the bottom and you'll get a comment form.


                Thanks again for your feedback,

                -- liz