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    LR Mobile Stuck on Pending

    LeftyRodriguez Level 1

      I went out and shot a few hundred photos with LR Mobile the other day (iPhone 7+). My first mistake was using the built-in LR Mobile camera, as I didn't realize at the time that it doesn't write these photos to the camera roll but rather holds them in an internal cache that is impossible to access any other way than via the LR Mobile app, so I have to use sync to get them off my phone. (Suggestion to Adobe: Make a way to write these to the camera roll).


      But now I'm frustrated as the sync has been "stuck" at 117 photos pending upload for over a day. Is there a way to force these to upload? Or an alternative way to get them off my phone?

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          jiclark523 Level 1

          Thanks for posting this fresh take on Lightroom Mobile's longstanding sync issues. As I'm sure you saw if you did any sort of search related to the issue here, there are hundreds of posts about it, going back many months. It sure would be nice if Adobe could fix this once and for all!


          The common suggestion to resolve the issue is to remove the sync.lrdata file, but are we seriously expected to do that every other day? That's what it would take, as I'm finding that it gets stuck again within a few hours, every time I do anything that manages to kickstart the sync process. I'm about ready to give up on syncing altogether, quite honestly.


          I would also like to hear what folks suggest for getting RAW files, taken in Lightroom Mobile via iOS 10 and a recent iPhone, off the phone and into Lightroom without having to struggle with the above mentioned challenges of the sync process.