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    Flash Player PPAPI on Opera don't work


      O.S.: Windows XP x64 SP2

      Browsers: Mozilla Firefox 49.0.1 and Opera 36.0.2130.80



      I updated Adobe Flash Player NPAPI for Firefox and PPAPI for Opera.


      Firefox version works ok, but the Opera version shows a message in all the Flash Player sections:


      "Couldn't load plug-in"



      With the previous version of Adobe Flash Player all worked ok in Opera.



      Can you solve the problem?

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          ridhijain Adobe Employee



          This is a known issue, see XP/Vista: Flash PPAPI plugin doesn't work in Opera and Chromium. For now you can uninstall the Flash Player and download the previous version Flash Player(fp_22.0.0.209_archive.zip) from Archived Adobe Flash Player versions page, extract the zip and install flashplayer22_0r0_209_winpep.exe present in 22_0_r0_209 folder.


          While installing make sure you select "Notify me to install updates" options so that Flash Player is not autoupdated.




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            Peter.son Level 1

            With My OS being Vista, It appears I am only able to have Opera 36.0 on my system. Following advice given I have downloaded Flash Player(fp_22.0.0.209 and am now able to view content I wasn't able to before. I worry though that in doing this I am at greater risk of my computer being exposed to all kinds of viruses and malware, so can somebody tell me please when the latest version of Flash Player will be released that addresses the problems afflicting Flash Player when used in conjunction with Opera browser. Thank you.

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              Satinder S Bains Adobe Employee

              This issue is fixed in the latest release released today.

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