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    Program Freezing When in Use


      i have Adobe Digital Editions on my tablets which are powered by Android. The software is up to date on both tablets. However, when trying to read my e-books, the program freezes when trying to turn to the next page. If I swipe on any words, the highlighting feature of the program starts up, but the program will not allow me to turn to the next page. I can't even exit the program to restart it. I have to completely shut the tablet down, wait a few seconds, then turn the tablet back on. I read my books daily, every chance I get. Some days this doesn't happen. Some days, I can't even read 3 pages, before I have to shut the tablet down to restart it only to have it freeze up again when I start reading the book again. When you go to Google Play to download the app, there are several reviews stating this is a common problem and other people have quit using the program due to freezing. However, upon research, I have found there are no other apps that will allow me to read previously purchased e-books; only Adobe Digital Editions. I would like to continue to use this program, however, I feel the program needs an update to fix this common problem. PLEASE HELP!!