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    trouble with converting a slideshow to html canvas


      I'm getting this message in Firebug console:

      TypeError: this.btnNextwoody is undefined


      I selected the button and used code snippets to write the code:


      this.btnNextWoody.addEventListener("click", fl_ClickToGoToAndPlayFromFrame_9.bind(this));


      function fl_ClickToGoToAndPlayFromFrame_9()






      My frames are labeled: truck, woody, raft.


      The first button plays the "truck" animation fine, and I can't find a difference in the way I defined the buttons. The code on btnNextTruck reads:




      this.btnNextTruck.addEventListener("click", fl_ClickToGoToAndPlayFromFrame_2.bind(this));


      function fl_ClickToGoToAndPlayFromFrame_2()