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    I can't find the "Settings"Folder to install ACR presets


      I have researched this alot. This is the following steps I have taken:


      On my Hard drive> Library> Application Support> Adobe> CameraRaw. Then I know I am supposed to go into settings folder. But there isn't a settings folder. Just "Adobe" "Camera Profiles" Lens Profiles" and an inaccessible ".DS_Store".


      I then attempted to "save settings" on an image through Camera Raw and search out that file name, but I can't find it. BUT while I am in Camera Raw, about to "Save settings" I DO see a Settings folder in CameraRaw>Adobe>Application Support>Library. So I know it is there. Just can't seem to locate it through finder or anything. Please Help.


      I also researched that there may be some folders "Hidden" on Mac. SO I attempted to follow these instructions to show all folders:http://www.macworld.co.uk/how-to/mac-software/how-show-hidden-files-in-mac-os-x-finder-fun ter-3520878/


      And still no success. FROWNY FACE!!!!! Thank you in advance if you are able to Save Me!!