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    Help with accessing .flv files through Media Server

      Hello everyone!

      I have recently installed Flash Media Server 3.5, and I am a totally newbie when it comes to streaming media over internet. Today we have a website and we are planning to launch the possibility for our users to upload videos (like Youtube). I started to look at Flash Media Server 3.5 today and I have a question about the "Vod service". What I have understood so far it is only possible to play files that are placed in the vod folder, and this is a problem for us, because all of our .flv video files are stored on different servers with a special folder logic, this means that the files that we need to access and play for our users are placed on a lot of places and different serverns, for example:


      So the Media Server is installed on one server and then the Media Server calls the video files on storage servers. So my question is how we can set up Media Server to access all files and folders on different servers? When I read different "step by step guides" how to set up Media Server all media are stored in the vod folder, and I just dont understand the logic in this. So all I want to achieve is to play videos for our users that are stored on different servers, hope someone could make som things clear for a greenie like me :)

      Thank you!