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    Adobe Premiere Elements 13 keeps crashing every few minutes

    Zeusthecat123 Level 1

      Computer: MSI GT70, Intel Core i7-3610QM, NVIDIA Geforece GTX 670M/3GB GDDR5, DDRIII 12 GB, HDD 750GB 7200 RPM

      OS: Windows 10, fully updated


      I have had Adobe Premiere Elements 13 for many months. Recently it has started crashing every few minutes - I have not installed anything new recently or changed anything other than standard Windows 10 updates. To help isolate the issue I added a scratch drive (external) and put all my video clips, the saved premiere project, and my premiere cache on that drive. I also tried to update Adobe Premiere Elements 13 but every time I try it crashes before the update can complete.


      I've noticed it crashes more often when it's idle, but not always.


      Any help would be appreciated.