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    Lr seems to apply a loss of at least 1 EV on RAW files from Fuji X-T2




      When I import RAW files from Fuji X-T2 in Lr I have a clear loss of exposure once the RAW file is interpreted, compare to the Jpeg file generated by the camera and embedded in the RAW file.


      If I use instead Silkypix RAW Converter EX 2.0 instead of Lr i have no problem : the displayed image are similar. 


      I have not this issue at all with files from X-T1 : images are displayed the same way, either on Lr or on RAW Converter.


      I have no specific treatment while importation step into Lr and no difference in processing RAWs from X-T1 and ones from X-T2


      Please see below (Up : with Lr - Down : with RAW Converter).

      RAW_FILE_CONVERTER_EX_2_0 vs Adobe_Photoshop_Lightroom.jpg


      I'm pretty sure there is some bug in the way Adobe manage Fuji X-T2 RAW files during importation.