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    no previews in navigator, library and print module


      this week my desktop was updated with the newest patches for win 10, the next day I updated Lightroom CC to the latest version.  Since then my previews (thumbnails) have all disappeared, and I only see gray thumbs.  In the navigator is see only a black patch, and in the print module there's no picture either (just a  black rectangle)

      I've delete my previews folder, opened a new catalog, reinstalled LR (both with preferences saved en cleared), deleted my preferences...  No succes.

      Suspecting a video card driver issue (Nvidia GTX 570), I've updated that too with no succes

      I've run out of ideas and I'm getting desparate.  So every idea is welcome!


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          Per Berntsen Adobe Community Professional

          Most likely, the Windows update replaced your monitor profile with a defective/corrupted monitor manufacturer's profile.

          Setting the monitor profile to sRGB should fix the issue, but you should ideally calibrate the monitor with a hardware calibrator, which will produce a profile that accurately describes your monitor.


          Press the Windows key+R, type colorcpl, and press Enter.

          Add the sRGB profile, then set it as Default profile. See screenshot (from Windows 7) below.

          If this fixes the problem, you should ideally calibrate your monitor with a hardware calibrator.



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            pocket62 Level 1


            you're brilliant, your answer solved my problem.  I loaded my "old" calibration profile, and everything was back to normal!  Sometimes it's really that simple, many thanks!