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    How should I drop a subtitle onto the timeline so it shows OVER the video image?


      How should I drop a subtitle onto the timeline so it shows OVER the video image? and not on its own on a black background.


      I'm trying to understand and follow Premiere expert A.T. Romano, who posted in reply to this question:

      I'm using a standard text title that by default appears in the center of the screen. I want to move it to a different location and then have subsequent identical titles throughout the video appear in the same location without starting from scratch every time. I thought I would just paste copies of the relocated title throughout the video, but when I change the text in one, all copies change to the same text. Is there an easy way to alter a title's location and reuse that location many times with different words in each?


      And A.T.Romano's reply was:


      In Expert workspace, create your title in the opened Titler, and close the Titler when finished. In the creation process, a copy of the title will be placed on the Timeline at the position of the Timeline marker. Also a copy of the file will be placed in Project Assets.


      With the Titler closed, open Project Assets, right click the thumbnail of the copy there, select Duplicate. Drag the Duplicate to the Timeline and double click it to open the Titler to edit it there. Repeat the process for additional titles as indicated by your workflow plan.


      I try to do it but it appears as a black screen with only the lettering on it, instead of the lettering being superimposed on the video image!

      Nigel, London UK