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    AI free trial almost over but haven't had chance to try yet.


      Hi strangers. (^_^)/


      I downloaded a trial of Adobe Illustrator, not knowing how long it would last (I guess I assumed 30 days). Found out it was only 7 days. I figured I would at least have time on the weekend to get into it but.. I haven't even been able to open it (quits unexpectedly), and now I only have 1 day left before the trial is over.


      Even if I decide to go ahead and buy it (or a full subscription to all the applications), won't I have this same problem?


      Is there a way I can start the trial over or extend it?


      Or is there an obvious way to fix this so I can at least try it out for an hour or so tomorrow before the trial ends?


      I appreciate your help!

      m( _ _ )m