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    Fuzzy Around Text / Embeded Fonts

      I am using Illustrator to create a business card to have printed at VistaPrint.

      Initially I created the card and uploaded it to their site- only to find the font changed.
      So I made a copy of the file, and then went to TYPE>CREATE OUTLINES
      and then re-saved the file.

      However, now when I upload the files to vistaprint- the area around the text
      is "fuzzy" with splotchy color. The background of the cards is a dark purple
      with white text.

      Why am I getting the "fuzzy" around the text area? (It almost looks like a slightly
      lighter shade of the purple background color that is pixelated around the text).
      In Illustrator the file looks clean and crisp- with no fuzzies, but in the preview
      screen for vista print- the fuzzies show up. Is it just because it's a preview screen?
      I don't want to pay for the cards if they will be "fuzzified" when they are printed too.

      thanks in advance for your help!