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    LR5 to PS6 photo transfer


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      I have installed 8.7.1 plug in, but still have problems to take my rawCR2 from LR5 to PS6. First LR duplicate file inside a library, than conver my raw to TIF, than render, than open in huge size in PS. Theese operations take much space on my iMac. After installing plug-in problem did not solved, I see the same windows as shown upper when try to take photos from LR to PS. Please help!

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          JimHess Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          I haven't used Lightroom 5 for quite some time. But I do know that it has not been updated since the release of Lightroom 6/CC. And that message about camera raw 8.7 might be the last version that was released when production on Lightroom 5 ceased. You can actually update to camera raw version 9.1.1. That is the last version of camera raw that is compatible with Photoshop CS6. If you still get that message After installing 9.1.1, then you should choose the option to render a copy with Lightroom adjustments and finish your editing in Photoshop on that copy. Here is the link to the download that you need:

          Camera Raw installer for Adobe Photoshop CC and CS6