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    How to force indexing docs for Eclipse help?

    Noam Show

      I am working with Eclipse 3.4.1 and got several plugins like Flex installed. My OS is Windows XP.
      The latest I included is Adobe's Cocomo Framework. There is a separate post about how to install the Adobe Flash Collaboration Service.

      I wonder how i can force the help indexing service of Eclipse to include the docs folder of my Cocomo package.
      Maybe it is located in the wrong folder: Windows: C:\Program Files\eclipse341\plugins\com.adobe.afcs\docs
      I saw the indexing service once running in the progress panel of Eclipse but I do not know how to start it manually or even how to tell it to index Cocomo docs.

      There is also a file located in C:\Program Files\eclipse341\configuration\org.eclipse.help.base\index\en_US\indexed_docs but it is generated and should not be edited manually.

      Hope somebody got ideas.
      Kind regards, Noam