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    Lightroom can’t change 5D mark IV photos into 1DS camera profiles


      May I ask about Lightroom Camera Profiles? I can’t change 5D mark IV photos into 1DS camera profiles. When I tried to change it, the color saturation is very low , just like black & white photos.

      Before I used Adobe DNG Converter & DNG Profile Editor to make my own Canon 1DS Camera Profiles. The effects of 1DS profiles of the color around the peoples were adorable. It was a success using 5D mark III.

      But now using the new Camera 5D IV. I followed the old steps, using DNG Profile Editor to open it and then choose Canon 1DS DCP to export. The color saturations effects becomes not like before. It turns very low on DNG Profile Editor, when I tried to export a new 1DS dcp file into lightroom, the color saturation looks still very low.


      I would like to ask whether anyone encountered such a problem ......

      Hopefully someone can help and can solve my problem.

      Thank you!