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    Lr cannot find catalog

    jaspermontgomery Level 1


      so I have an external hard drive on which I have my LR catalog, images etc and works fine.  The hard drive was connected to my home pc.  The hard drive was designated as "H:"   I use the hard drive also on my laptop for LR at home or on the road.  I have a few thousand developed images in the catalog on the external HD.


      I'm traveling with my laptop.  In LR, I can see the source "H:" but I cannot develop any of the photos.  I can see previews but cannot develop and I get the error message folder could not be found.  the hard drive shows as "G:" And I can import from "G:" but I cannot access "H:".......


      any ideas as as to what I might be doing wrong?


      thank you.

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          F. McLion Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          You need to change the drive letter of the USB disk from G to H on your laptop.

          How to Assign a Static Drive Letter to a USB Drive in Windows 7

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            Per Berntsen Adobe Community Professional

            When you connect an external drive (or a USB stick) to a computer, Windows will assign it the first free drive letter in the alphabet.

            This letter will vary, depending on how many internal and external drives that are already connected.

            You can solve this problem by assigning the external drive a drive letter towards the end of the alphabet - which will stick.


            In Windows Explorer, right click Computer and choose Computer management.

            In the window that appears, go to Storage > Disk management, then right click the external drive and choose Change drive letter and paths. Then change the drive letter to for instance W.

            Now launch Lightroom by double-clicking the catalog file. All folders will have question marks on them, and you have to re-link the folders by right-clicking them and choosing Find missing folder. If you have a parent folder that holds all the other folders, re-linking that folder will re-link all the missing folders.



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              Abambo Adobe Community Professional

              Windows has the horrible legacy property to attribute drive letters, and this on a first come, first served basis.


              This means that you can connect an external drive and depending on other drives connected, the next free drive letter gets attributed. Fortuneatly, windows reminds at least the character used, when it was last connected.


              As card readers use as many letters as there are card formats, assigning drive letters cen be quite hazardous.

              Therefore you should attribute a rather high letter to the disk, where it is important that it's letter does not change again. I have attributed P: like "Photo" for my photodisk.


              Other possibilities are to attach the drive to an empty directory. That gives the illusion, that the drive is part of the parent drive. I used that at the time, but gave it up for the standard character solution...


              As it is technically possible to reallocate the characters A and B, I would not do that, because some programs still expect to find there floppy drives. I had a backup program that absolutly didn't want to consider A and B as destination (or was it source?).

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