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    exporting resolution problems


      i imported a photo from my camera roll into the adobe illustrator draw app as a layer, drew on top of it on a different layer, and then exported the whole thing back to my camera roll.

      however, when i view this new drawn on photo in my camera roll there is a huge white border. when i zoom in, the resolution is also bad.

      i'm working on an iPhone 6s with all softwares fully updated.
      i would like the end product to be the same resolution and size as the original picture i just took, but just with a drawing on it.
      thanks !

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          Sue Garibaldi Adobe Employee (Admin)

          Hi Sandy,


          Right now, there is no high res export option directly from the app. So, when you save the image to your camera roll it will saves at 2048 x 1536px resolution (which includes any blank canvas area). Have you tried zooming in as far as possible, then saving to your camera roll? That will save the actual image at a higher resolution.


          Because it's a feature so many people ask for, the product team is looking at high-res export options directly from the app.


          I hope that helps in some way.



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