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    Lightroom 2015 problem


      I’m currently working with LightRoom 5.7. I upgraded to LR 2015cc and also needed to move all my photos to a larger drive as I have more than 43000 photos of which about 4000 have been edited.

      1. In LR 5.7 I dragged the folders from my old drive to the new drive.
      2. I moved the LR 5.7 current catalogue onto my new drive.
      3. I clicked on the catalogue in the new drive, which opened LR 2015. Then a pop-up said it needed to convert my photos to LR 2015.
      4. I can see all the folders and files on my new drive but the photos in the library are all blank with an exclamation mark above them.
      5. I have 43,000 photos on the new drive, with more than 40 folders and hundreds of sub-folders. I can’t individually link the files and folders so that LR 2015 can find the corresponding files and folders. What am I doing wrong? How should I be doing it so that when I transfer from LR 5.7 of my old drive to LR 2015 on the new drive I will be able to see all my photos in the library section on the new drive


      Please help as I am desperate. I do not want to lose my edited phots which I saved in my quick collection and are spread among the 43000 photos