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    FLV Files Don't Display in FlashHelp

    soxmann Level 1
      The FlashHelp topic seems to be taking a nap, so I will post this here. I have inserted a FLV video in a Captivate 3.0.1 project, it comes out fine, I can view the output in IE, Firefox, and Chrome without any issue. Importing this into RoboHelp 7, the video does not display in the Preview mode, nor does it display when published to FlashHelp in any of the three browsers. The opening screen displays, but does not respond to the skin controls or click boxes. Other Captivate projects work just fine, just the ones with the FLV videos have the problem. I have tried inserting the skin.swf, the project.swf, and the raw .flv file. No go with any of these.

      I have tried to insert all of the Captivate output files (.js, .flv, .htm, two or three .swf) into the topic Baggage File (which seems unnecessary, RoboHelp should figure this out when importing from its sister program) with no luck. Any ideas, or does this procedure just not work for some undocumented reason?