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    At my wits end with lightroom performance


      Hi guys,


      When I moved to medium format about a year ago I built a PC to help cater for the larger files. It's a speed beast. Very briefly ;


      - quad core i7-6700k at 4.5ghz

      - 32gb DDR4 3200mhz

      - Boot drive is a samsung sm951 m.2 ssd drive (2100mb/s)

      - My pending edits / raws are on a 2 x 1tb raid0 partition of samsung 1tb ssd drives, benchmarks at about 900mb/s

      - Video card is a 980ti.

      - 32" 4k screen

      - Win10 pro


      Everything on the PC runs blazing fast including photoshop.


      Lightroom is painful to use.Importing files is pretty fast but everything after then is so laggy, switching between photos, switching from grid to develop mode & vice versa, all laggy to the point of frustration.


      I have my catalogues stored on the boot m.2 ssd drive. I've tried everything I can find online, even putting raws on the m.2 drive or vice versa putting them on the normal ssd drives. I've uninstalled & reinstalled. I've turned gpu support on/off.


      Can anyone help. I just can't think of anything else. It's hard to troubleshoot as LR is the only program doing this. If I wasn't using LR i'd say it's a speed beast.


      thanks in advance