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    We Need "Flash 9 or 10" for the "WII"

      I doubt any one will be able to help me with this but we need to have " Flash 9 or 10" for the " Wii" but you need a " SDK" for them which won't work for the " Wii" because it can't run regular files so there needs to be a way " Adobe" could make a built in " SDK" for " Flash 9 or 10" like cell phones have.If cell phones can have " Flash 9" why can't the " Wii" oh and don't forget the " PS3" " Browser" eh i think you know what im saying a little " Bribe" here a little " Bribe" there eh "Wink Wink" " Adobe" I think ya know what im saying eh " Adobe" Anyways im sure you have heard this before oh yeah and also the new " Wii" " Browser" is coming out so maybe there will be a surprise for us all..............NAH YEAH RIGHT so post what "you" want trash me don't trash me, discuss don't discuss its all up to you.