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    Lightroom CC 2015.7 / Camera Raw 9.7 / macOS Sierra - Can't find Destination Folder when Importing


      Hi everyone,


      Sorry if this question is stupid but I've always imported files easily on my Hard Disk. But recently, since I've updated my Lightroom, I cannot find the destination folder menu when importing photos.


      I go to the Library menu, choose IMPORT, select the origin folder, the pictures I want to import but then, on the right side, I can only see the "create smart preview" option and the key-words/tags option. Where is the part I could select the destination folder - and even create subfolders?


      If I click on the triangle on the left-down corner to minimize the menu, I can see the "create subfolder" menu. However, the normal view doesn't bring any option like that but selecting the main folder by clicking on the icon on the right-up corner.


      What I am missing? This doesn't seem very practical to me.


      Cheers in advance!