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    Adding Google Adwords - Call Conversions




      I've been asked to add Google Call conversion code to a website. It looks like I can easily add step 5 in to the head tag, but I don't know how to call the phone number in step 6 if the number is already in a standard text frame.


      Can this be done?










      5. Install the website call conversion tag on your website bypasting it between the <head> and </head> tags or in the beginning of the body of the pages that display your phone number.



      6. Create a phone number tag to display the phonenumber using the following syntax:


      target - Either a CSS class name or a callback function.


        • If target is a CSS class name, all elements of that class willhave their contents replaced with a formatted telephone number.



        • If target is a function, it will be invoked with two arguments.The first argument is the formatted telephone number. The second argument is the number in a format suitable for links (e.g. ‘18001234567’).

      business_number - Your business phone number.

      options - An optional object with two possible options:



        • timeout - Maximum time in milliseconds that is allowedfor retrieving a number. If a number cannot be fetched within this time, no number is sent to the target. The default timeout is 5000 ms.

        • cache - Set to false to disable caching of the retrievednumber in a cookie.



      7. Add the phone number tag to the body of your page.We recommend that you put the call to _googWcmGet() in onload handler of <body> section (see examples on the next page). This ensures that the target element is available when the function is called. If you put the _googWcmGet() call within a script tag in the <body> section, then ensure that it’s placed after all the target elements.



      8. Repeat on every page where you’d like to track website call conversions.