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    Recommended Muse Host?

    michelleh65515525 Level 1

      My current subscription for my host is about to run out and I'm defiantly wanting a new host. I was originally using wordpress, but ended up going a different direction with muse. The host is for wordpress, but I found a loop hole with adobe muse until I found an appropriate host and obviously my site is having a few errors and slight issues. With this I'm on my own and if any issues occur my hosts will not be able to help me which could end up being a huge problem, I'm well rounded with muse, but you never know what could happen. Also the host is coasting me a hefty 47$ a month which is burning a large hole in my empty pockets, heh.


      I'm currently seeking a host that is capable with user registration and login, if there is one. I would also like to find one that offers a package deal with widgets and plugins. Thank you in advanced!