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    help for a beginner

      Well I'm new to quite a bit. I haven't had any computer experience since QuarkExpress, Illustrator and Photoshop like 12+ years ago. Anyways, I'm wanting to get back into computers and I'm taking classes at a technical community college and doing some online tutorials to teach myself. I know my employer is wanting something done on our site and I was wondering if anyone would provide the knowledge for me on how to do it. Sooo...

      I want to learn how I can have 2 company logos. With one starting to where it changes or turns in to the second. Is this something that can be achieved in Flash and if so. Would some one mind sharing this technique with me?
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          Loveanie Level 1
          Well, what you can do is use shape tween.

          If you have the original vector graphics, you can use those. If not, you must convert them first...

          1- If they are not vectors, select the graphic and choose Modify --> Break Apart (or Ctrl+B) for each graphic;
          2- Create two different keyframes, one with the first logo and one with the second one;
          3- Right-click and select Create Shape Tween.

          If you want more control over the "transition", you can use Shape Hints... It's a topic a little bit advanced to explain here, but you can look for it in Flash Help or some online tutorials...
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            spooky-kid Level 1
            Thank you. I'll see what I come up with. I have the images as .jpg to work with
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              spooky-kid Level 1
              I have two key froms. 1 with each logo but, when I right click it. Shape tween isn't an option. It's greyed out. Where do I right click. I apologize for my stubbornness or lack of how to.
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                spooky-kid Level 1
                i do have both logos as png files with 2 hey frames
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                  Loveanie Level 1
                  Have you converted your graphics using the Break apart command?

                  It must be raw vector (shape) and not movie clip or other...
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                    spooky-kid Level 1
                    I used the breakapart command on both. I have 1 logo in keyframe 1 and the other in keyframe 2.
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                      spooky-kid Level 1
                      another dumb question. when i play the animation. it's like a strobing effect with only 2 key frames. how do i stretch out the time on each 1 so that it's a slower transition. does that make sense?
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                        spooky-kid Level 1
                        I can stretch out the 1st key frame on the time line but can't figure out how to stretch out the 2nd one
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                          Loveanie Level 1
                          Ok, I just did some tests with two gif logos, and the results aren't really satisfying, probably because there is too much white backgroud aroud...

                          If your pngs have transparent background, you may not have this problem, but with jpeg you will most likely have it.

                          What you can do (instead of Break Apart) is Modify --> Bitmap --> Trace Bitmap (selecting the image on the stage first).

                          1- import an image to the stage;
                          2- convert it (Break Apart or Trace Bitmap); you may have to remove the white background by deselecting the image, selecting the white around it and deleting it;
                          3- Add a blank keyframe (F7) at another place on the timeline (ex: frame 20);
                          4- import another image;
                          5- convert that image too and delete the background if necessary;
                          6- right-click anywhere in the frames between the two keyframes and select Create Shape Tween.
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                            Loveanie Level 1
                            I've created a little video to guide you:
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                              spooky-kid Level 1
                              Thank you so much.... It worked ... kinda but, not exactly getting the result I was hoping for and no. I'm not very experienced in Flash at all so I don't know much about the other transitioning features. I do really appreciate your help though.
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                                spooky-kid Level 1
                                My second attempt came out a little better. How can I share it with you?
                                Is there a good book you recommend for a beginner wanting to learn Flash?
                                What is the best way to e-mail this movie as an attachment that anyone could most likely view?
                                My next project is we have a add we did with a post card recently with a picture of a lightbulb. They want to put in on the site and have the light bulb come on.
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                                  Loveanie Level 1
                                  Ok... lot of questions...

                                  There is few ways to share it:
                                  - send the .swf file, but the person will need to have an independant player (installed with Flash and few other players);
                                  - send the swf inside an html file, but you'll need to send three files... (or zip them);
                                  - create a projector (Windows and/or Mac) in the Publish settings;
                                  - but since you can't send it through email (cause you don't have my email address), the best way is to put the .swf, .html and the .js file on a web server and send the link...

                                  For books, probably the best for beginners I would recommand is the one I use when I give training: Flash CS4 Professional Visual Quickstart ( http://www.amazon.com/Flash-CS4-Professional-Windows-Macintosh/dp/0321591925/ref=sr_1_2?ie =UTF8&s=books&qid=1235847299&sr=1-2). You'll learn everything for the Flash IDE.

                                  If you want to go further and learn ActionScript, the scripting language of Flash, then the following book will teach you the essentials of it: Flash CS4 Professional Visual Quickpro ( http://www.amazon.com/Flash-Professional-Advanced-Windows-Macintosh/dp/0321573501/ref=sr_1 _9?ie=UTF8&s=books&qid=1235847691&sr=1-9). They are both available for older versions if you don't have Flash CS4.
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                                    spooky-kid Level 1
                                    boy, i have a lot to learn.

                                    i don't have a web server. i'll try to figure out the rest as far as saving the swf file , the html file and the js file.... what is a .js file?
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                                      Loveanie Level 1
                                      .js stands for JavaScript

                                      Flash will create it for you if you use Flash CS3 and above (of Flash 8 with a patch). It is called AC_RunActiveContent.js. To make a long story short, it has to do with Internet Explorer blocking the Flash content (this script prevents that).
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                                        spooky-kid Level 1
                                        I really appreciated the help on this. It's turning out well. My boss man asked me to slow it down and make the transition slower. Which I did. I also added some text that gets spelled out character by character at the end. But he wants me to make some kind of emphasis on the end of the transition change with the second logo. Like have it get larger then shrink back or something like that but, not necessarily that specifically.
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                                          spooky-kid Level 1

                                          OK, In my Flash movie. I have 1 logo that transitions into another logo. The second logo stays for so many frames before the text layer starts. What can I do to that logo in the frames before the text layer begins? ideas?
                                          How does the 3d tool work. I can see what it can do but how do i apply it to a symbol that's just stationary for x-amount of frames?
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                                            spooky-kid Level 1

                                            did you build that site yourself? I think I wanna dabble in some dreamweaver next. Is that what you used to create it?
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                                              Loveanie Level 1
                                              "What can I do to that logo in the frames before the text layer begins? ideas?"

                                              I don't really understand your question... U ask for ideas as to what to do with the logo after the animation and the text?? Or you want to know just how to keep the logo in place for x amount of time/frame before starting the text animation...?

                                              For the 3D tool, I didn't really have the time to play with it, but you can surely find tutorials on Adobe's website or Lynda.com (u have to pay). Lynda.com can be a great source for info; some tutorials are free and you can have a free trial through the purchase of CS3 or CS4... and with the Classroom in a book serie, I think.
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                                                spooky-kid Level 1
                                                I wish I could show you my animation movie. i tried putting it on photobucket but i don't have a pro account. let's see if i can rephrase my question.

                                                ok, so in my movie/animation. i have the 1st logo centered on stage (taking up the whole stage mostly) from frames 1-72. Then starting at frame 73-143-ish is the shape tweening feature from the 1st logo to the second one. Then from frames 144 to 215 there's the 2nd logo centered on stage taking up mostly the entire stage as did the 1st logo for the 1st 72 frames. Then( I don't know why at the momment) I have the 2nd logo continuing for another segment of frames 216-239. it's just there. i wanna do something to it to make an emphasis of some kind to that logo for that time frame. That's all on 1 layer.
                                                Then I created another layer for some text. It's blank until frame 244. from frame 244 to frame 270. i started with 1 text character on frame 244. adding 1 additional text character to each following frame. so that when you play movie it's like it's writing the text on the screen. I'm not sure if there was an easier way to do that or not. then frames 271-294. it dispalys my text before the movie stops/ends.

                                                Did I ask my question any better that time? Or do a better job of describing my project ?
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                                                  Loveanie Level 1
                                                  Well, yes, you described it better... But I can't tell you what to do as an animation...

                                                  What I can tell you is, if you want to remove the "extra" time the 2nd logo takes, instead of animating (putting emphasis on it), you can just select all the frames and do a Shift+F5.

                                                  Here's how to do it: you click and drag (without releasing the mouse button) from the first frame you want to remove to the last one (in both layers, if you don't want to have a "hole"). After that, you hit Shift+F5 (or something like Modify -- > Timeline --> Remove frames, I think) and it will remove the extra frames...