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    Questions about shooting RAW in LR Mobile / iOS

    Badly Drawn Boy Level 1

      I would like to enable RAW capture in iOS with my iPhone 7+ and Lightroom Mobile. I have several questions, most of which aren't specific to shooting RAW but are more related to how LR Mobile interacts with the iPhone and LR desktop.


      My workflow with my main camera (Fujifilm X-T2) is as follows:

      1. Shoot pictures
      2. Insert SD card and choose selects with Photo Mechanic
      3. Copy selects to folder on hard drive of Mac
      4. Import selects to LR catalog


      I'd like to create a similar workflow with the iPhone. I want to avoid uploading a bunch of 30 MB RAW files that I won't ever process or use into LR or iCloud Photo Library, especially since they are such large files.


      Ideally, it would look something like this:

      1. Shoot RAW photos in LR Mobile app
      2. Review photos on my Mac and choose selects
      3. Import selects into LR catalog


      My questions

      1. I'm not sure how to achieve this. If I shoot the images on LR Mobile, is there a way to view them on my Mac and choose selects before importing into LR on my Mac?
      2. If not, is there a way to transfer them to a folder on my Mac, which I could then open in Photo Mechanic for review, prior to importing into LR?
      3. With LR Mobile, are the photos stored on the iOS device and uploaded into iCloud Photo Library if that is turned on? Or are they only stored on the device?



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          selondon Adobe Community Professional

          Hi BDB,


          It depends if you have a CC account.


          I am only have an iPhone 6, but I think the way that LRM works is that, if you take a photo within the app it uploads to high res the 'cloud' (it doesn't take up space in the 20GB CC storage) and then syncs the high res back to the 'From LR Mobile' folder in LR Desktop. I guess the original on the phone app then becomes optimised?


          Haven't tried it without CC but guess you would have to save to camera roll then airdrop or use OSX camera tool. Unless you had ICPL, then if you save to that, it would upload wouldn't it and you can download on the Mac?


          Hope this helps but bit confused about ICPL myself.

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            Badly Drawn Boy Level 1

            Thanks. I do have a CC account.


            I did some testing and I believe you're correct: if I take a photo in the LR Mobile app, it downloads to my desktop and shows up in a "Lightroom Mobile" folder that LR put on my computer.


            After doing more research, however, I've determined that I will most likely want to shoot JPG with the iPhone 7+. Check out this thread on Dpreview for an explanation of why. Seems the built-in camera has some magic it applies to JPGs that isn't available with RAW capture.


            So I think I'll stick with JPG unless there is a compelling reason to use RAW (maybe very high dynamic range scene).