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    Error:  This book has been returned.  Loan not on record.


      I have 3 books that I downloaded from overdrive that  I can open in the ADE

      borrowed shelf and my Nook shelf.  Both my computer and the nook have been

      authorized with the same address.  I am running Windows 10 and  I have

      uninstalled and reinstalled ADE  ver. 4.5.2, I have ADE ver. 3 on my

      computer.  I have also cleared the cache for both Microsoft Edge and Chrome

      and deleted all the files from my downloads folder and my digital editions

      folder including annotation and the cloud sync.  I have removed the books

      from the Nook and ADE several times, emptied my recycle bin and restarted my

      computer to make sure no files were left open.  When I next opened ADE the

      cover for the 3 books reappeared repeating themselves several times without

      my downloading anything.  There should not have been anything left on my

      computer so  I have  no idea where they are coming from as the books are

      removed from the ADE library and I only have ADE on my laptop.   After I

      cleared everything again, I re-downloaded the books and I am still getting

      the same error.  I also have 3 copies of one book, 6 copies of the second

      book and 4 copies of the third book.  I can read the books in Overdrive.

      This is very frustrating.