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    Adding Alt Text to Figures: Adobe Acrobat Pro DC

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      I'm having a problem adding alt text to a "figure" in Acrobat. I've learned how to tag an image as a figure using the Touch Up Reading Order Tool. When I double click on an image it allows me to tag it as a figure. Then I see a tag on the image that says "Figure - No Alternate Text Exists". Okay, so far so good. But now I don't know how to add the alt text to that tagged figure. Double clicking on the tag doesn't do anything. Can someone please give me a step by step to this? I'm on a Mac. Thx.

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          I had the same issue / question and while searching for the answer just happened to right-click on the text "Figure - No Alternative Text Exists" when I right clicked on that I have the option Edit Alternative Text and from there a small box opened up where I could enter the alt text. Once I entered it "Figure - No Alternative Text Exists" changed to "Figure - whatever alt text you write".  For me this text shows in white text with a black background. Just right-click that text and you should be good to go.  Good luck!

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            hobartbrennan Level 1

            You can add or edit Tags by clicking on View > Show/Hide > Navigation Panes > Tags. Make sure you're in Accessibility edit mode. Select the image so it's highlighted and from the Tags pane on the left) click the Tags Options icon and click New Tag. From there you can select your Type (tag type) as Figure then enter  the Title that's going to be read back to the user.