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    Poor scroll response

    Cal Wilson Level 1
      After upgrading to RH8, I have encountered problems related to using the mouse.

      When I scroll with the mouse wheel in a topic window, pod, etc., RH8 does not respond well at all. It seems to only respond to one click of the wheel. If I scroll multiple clicks, response is very, very slow, and it seems the display only moves by one line.

      When I double-click an item in a list (topic name, contents entry, etc.), I have to double-click very slowly and be very precise. It seems that the least bit of movement of the mouse after the double-click causes the action to be ignored.

      I have a Logitech MX 1100, cordless, laser mouse. The latest drivers are installed. There is no helpful information on the Logitech Web site.

      I did not have these problems prior to the upgrade.

      I do not have these problems in any other program, in my broswer, etc. The problem only presents in RH8.

      I have searched all available resources. Has anyone experienced this problem? Does anyone have a solution.