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    Which Adobe product?


      I am trying to get info on which Adobe product to buy, have been on hold for almost 2 hours, don't know what to do.
      This is the 3d time this website has made me type in my question.

      I can't unselect In A Community but the Adobe search facility tells me Canada has no community.

      I think Adobe is wrong, but that's another issue altogether.

      My question is very simple.  I can now do anything Adobe lets me do free of charge on my Windows 8.1 computer.

      I will not repeat not ever upgrade to Windows 10.

      I need to highlight & make corrections in an Adobe doc using Adobe tracked comments/corrections.

      Can I do this free of charge?  If not, what do I need to buy and what does it cost how to I learn how to use it?

      Thank you, whoever you are.