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    Using LR on Multiple Computers?


      I just signed up for Adobe Cloud specifically to use Lightroom ... in the cloud.  So I uploaded a bunch of photos on one computer and then went to another computer to work on them.  To my surprise they aren't there.  I thought the whole point of the cloud was so I don't have to sync files back and forth via usb or dropbox yet what I am gleaning from the forums indicates otherwise.  Am I missing the point?  Can someone please tell me how to access photos on multiple computers without having to copy from one machine to another?  That's exactly the problem I thought I was solving by signing up!

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          Just Shoot Me Adobe Community Professional

          LR is a Single user Single computer program. It can be installed on up to 2 computers using the same license, subscription, but the catalog file has to be store on a local drive.


          If you are using LR Mobile that is for Android and iOS devices, Mobile devices, and can only be synced with one catalog on one computers.


          The word Cloud is confusing. Not in LR is accessed from the Clouds (over the internet) except the syncing of the desktop LR with the mobile LR collections.


          The only way to use LR on more than 1 computer is to have both all your images and the LR catalog on an external drive and move that external drive from one computer to the other.

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            Per Berntsen Adobe Community Professional

            The term "Creative Cloud" is somewhat misleading.

            The only difference between LR CC and the standalone LR6 is that CC gets new features through updates, and it also gives you access to Cloud storage, which I don't use, but I think it works a lot like Dropbox.

            Both versions have to be installed and run locally on your computer.


            Most people who need to use LR on two computers use an external hard drive to store the catalog and the images (LR needs access to both), and move the hard drive between computers.

            Another option is to put the catalog and the images on Dropbox, but things can easily go wrong with the catalog if you're not careful.

            You could probably use Cloud storage the same way, but I think the storage you get is so small that you would quickly run out of space.

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              aviator777 Level 1

              Okay--thanks for the answer, albeit disappointing.


              Follow-on question:  I believe my subscription came with 1 TB of storage.  If not for storing photos for editing then what for?

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                Just Shoot Me Adobe Community Professional

                Not sure where you got that 1TB number but I find no reference to what the storage limit is for syncing desktop LR with Mobile LR.


                Found it.



                How many GB of storage do I have?


                If you have a full Adobe Creative Cloud membership or a single app membership, you have 20 GB of storage. If you have a Creative Cloud Photography membership, a trial product, or a free membership, you have 2 GB of storage. Creative Cloud for teams and Creative Cloud for enterprise memberships include 100 GB of storage per seat.

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                  aviator777 Level 1

                  Okay--not sure where I got 1TB from either but regardless of the actual number what's the purpose of the cloud storage if not to access image files?


                  It seemed like a foregone conclusion that with cloud storage and the cloud version of LightRoom I would be merrily editing photos without invoking sneakernet.  I honestly see absolutely no advantage to running LightRoom via Adobe Cloud versus running LR locally.  The very clear and blaring difference I see is the recurring revenue/subscription based model flattens out the revenue stream and has built-in amortisation which lower's Adobe's income tax bill.


                  And you're right.  The use of the term "Cloud" by Adobe is confusing.  Something Adobe's marketing department best clarify.  Perhaps if they abide by conventional usage of industry-established terms there will be no confusion.


                  Best I can tell there's nothing to see here.  Unless someone can tell me what I'm missing I see no advantage to ME in using the cloud model and I'll be cancelling my subscription in favor of a refund.


                  What a disappointment.  Cloud access to your images via the application.  What a concept.  I should patent it.  Clearly it's never occurred to anyone.

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                    JimHess Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                    The creative cloud system enables you to create collections in your desktop Lightroom, and then choose to share specific collections on the Web. Then Adobe has created Lightroom Mobile which can be installed on your IOS and android mobile devices that will enable you to work on those collections. Adjustments that you make using  your mobile device will automatically be applied to the images on your Lightroom desktop when Lightroom is started again. Additionally, you can go to our website, Lightroom.adobe.com, with  any computer or laptop computer and login in and work on those shared collections. Again, adjustments made will transfer back to your desktop computer.


                    The creative cloud system does NOT enable you to simply sstore images in the cloud and work on them from any computer. The images must be in a collection in your desktop Lightroom, and that collection has to be shared.