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    Why can't Adobe get their act together for E-commerce payment?

    hilarycurrie Level 1

      I continue to be astonished how poorly Adobe manages their e-commerce transactions. I have had e-commerce websites built and have managed them and I've never seen anything as ridiculous as Adobe's virtual account management. In order to change from one payment option to another, they have to run the payment through manually and then the customer has to go to online support and jump through all the hoops to make an agent understand that you want them to change the payment options. Then they have to physically do a refund and recharge to your credit card.


      Absolutely archaic. For a company that creates sophisticated software, why can't they implement an efficient, automatic virtual payment whereas the customer can change the plan payment schedule (annual to monthly or vise versa) and update the account for payment. That Adobe, in 2016, still uses minions to go through the massive volume of charges to do them manually is crazy.


      I needed this rant, because I'm in another hoop jumping session that will take multiple days to complete with various agents.  More people need to send letters to Adobe, who insist on receiving it snail mail. Is Adobe run by lunatics?