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    Yet Another Incremental Save Question....

    abUSER23 Level 1

      Hi there.. I am trying to get incremental save working in a way that can be placed into a ACTION.


      Basically I am scanning a large number of small items (over 3000), and I can fit 18 on the scanner at once. If I use the "Straiten and Crop" script the scanned file gets straitened and cropped nicely.


      I made an Action that loads the scans from a folder and runs the straiten and crop script, then dose some editing to the cropped image, saves it and then closes it. This "edit/save/close" repeats until all the images are processed from the original scan.


      The problem is that no matter what I do the save file in the batch is always the same, or askes for over write. What I would like is a very simple script that saves a increment number on each save file. There is a lot of threads on this, but the only one I could get working had this script in it...


      // This script will save the active document to a folder with an incremental sufix 
      // Change the options below to match your needs 
      var saveFolder = new Folder( 'C:\\test' ); 
      var saveExt = 'jpg'; 
      var saveSufixStart = '_'; 
      var saveSufixLength = 3; 
      jpgSaveOptions = new JPEGSaveOptions(); 
      jpgSaveOptions.embedColorProfile = true; 
      jpgSaveOptions.formatOptions = FormatOptions.STANDARDBASELINE; 
      jpgSaveOptions.matte = MatteType.NONE; 
      jpgSaveOptions.quality = 8; 
      // End of user options 
      function zeroPad ( num, digit ){ 
         var tmp = num.toString(); 
         while (tmp.length < digit) { tmp = "0" + tmp;} 
         return tmp; 
      var docName = decodeURI ( activeDocument.name ); 
      docName = docName.match( /(.*)(\.[^\.]+)/ ) ? docName = docName.match( /(.*)(\.[^\.]+)/ ) : docName = [ docName, docName, undefined ]; 
      var saveName = docName[ 1 ]; // activeDocument name with out ext 
      var files = saveFolder.getFiles( saveName + '*.' + saveExt );// get an array of files matching doc name prefix 
      var saveNumber = files.length + 1; 
      //alert("New file number: " + zeroPad( saveNumber, saveSufixLength )); 
      var saveFile = new File( saveFolder + '/' + saveName + '_' + zeroPad( saveNumber, saveSufixLength ) + '.' + saveExt ); 
      activeDocument.saveAs( saveFile, jpgSaveOptions ,true ,Extension.LOWERCASE); 


      This seams to work fine.. but there are some problems, and I am just a simple paint, scan manipulate type guy and no idea how to improve it...


      1) - It only saves into "c:\test". I have tried pasting other paths in there.. like "d:\projects\project name\scans\processed\" but it doesn't help.

      2) - The Straiten and Crop Script works fine called from an action. So I can make a single action to process the file. The script above works fine in an action along with the editing actions. The problem is if I call the editing / save action from the "open/straiten and crop" action, then the script dosn't error but I can not find the files it is suposed to make (probably got a billion jpgs lost on my drive somewhere now)


      If anyone can help with this I would be appreciative.



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          Tomas Sinkunas Level 3

          I took a liberty of rewriting your code a bit. Code will check if folder "d:\projects\project name\scans\processed" exists. If it doesn't exist - it will prompt you to select different


          Also it will save "img_003.jpg" if such file does not exist. For instance:





          function saveIncrementally() {
               try {
                    var saveFolder = "d:\projects\project name\scans\processed";
                    if (!Folder(saveFolder).exists) {
                         saveFolder = Folder.selectDialog("Select output folder");
                    if (!saveFolder)
               var saveExt = 'jpg';
               var saveSufixStart = '_';
               var saveSufixLength = 3;
               // End of user options
               var docName = decodeURI ( activeDocument.name );
               var dot = docName.lastIndexOf(".");
               var saveName = docName.slice(0, dot);
               var suffix = zeroPad(0, saveSufixLength);
               var myFile = saveFolder + "/" + saveName + "_" + suffix + ".jpg";
               while (File(myFile).exists) {
                    var suffixInteger = parseInt(suffix, 10);
                         suffixInteger += 1;
                    suffix = zeroPad(suffixInteger, 3);
                    myFile = saveFolder + "/" + saveName + "_" + suffix + ".jpg";
               saveJPEG(myFile, 8)
               function saveJPEG(saveFile, qty ) { 
                    var saveOptions = new JPEGSaveOptions(); 
                    saveOptions.embedColorProfile = true;      
                    saveOptions.formatOptions = FormatOptions.STANDARDBASELINE; 
                    saveOptions.matte = MatteType.NONE; 
                    saveOptions.quality = qty; 
                    app.activeDocument.saveAs( File(saveFile), saveOptions, true ); 
               function zeroPad ( num, digit ){
                    var tmp = num.toString();
                    while (tmp.length < digit) { tmp = "0" + tmp;}
                    return tmp;
               } catch(e) {
                    alert(e.toString() + "\nLine: " + e.line.toString())
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            abUSER23 Level 1

            Thanks Tom...


            Dose that have a way of adjusting the save settings? Say I want it to save a PNG or a high 10 quality JPG?

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              JJMack Most Valuable Participant

              change 8 to 10

              saveJPEG(myFile, 8);

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                abUSER23 Level 1

                I'm still having some trouble with this script... I can not change the save folder... . no matter what I do it always opens the "save as" dialogue looking for a location.....


                I have tried changing it to...


                var saveFolder = "d:\Projects\Test\Raw-Scans\_Cut";




                var saveFolder = "d:\Projects\Test\Raw-Scans\_Cut\";


                but no luck?


                How can I make this script require no interaction.. so I can just run it and it save and so I can edit the file as needed to change the folder if I need?



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                  abUSER23 Level 1

                  Never mind... I worked it out about 2 seconds after I posted!! (I did spend AGES googleing trying to work it out" but after I came here I found another script on the site and noticed it used // instead of /...


                  var saveFolder = "d:\\Projects\\Test\\Raw-Scans\\_Cut";


                  This works!

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                    Chuck Uebele Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                    Yea, with the backslash, you have to use two of them. if you use forward slashes, you only need one: