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    Trap code Particular Particle Life Issue

    taylorm36109209 Level 1

      Hey guys,


      Quick issue. Using a Layer Emitter to emit particles to create the linked effect.


      Particle Man - Particular 2.2 Motion Vectors on Vimeo


      Got everything up and running seemingly identical to this, but my particular emission ends prematurely. I've seen in places such as here(CreativeCOW

      that you can achieve this by setting your particle life to your comp but I have a 90% hunch that that is some garbage.


      My particle velocity is set to 2000 and my particles per second is set to 18780 and is set to be continuous but unfortunately it just stops at a point despite having more layer/time to work with?


      Is there something I'm missing? Is this an error with the current version of Particular? I'm running v2.5.3