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    Can I sync photos I've added/edited online to the desktop app?


      I started off by using lightroom on the web. I uploaded and edited a couple hundred photos. I then installed the mobile app and logged into my account and all my photos were available just as they are on the web app.


      Once I started to realize some of the features I was missing out on that are in the desktop app I installed it and signed in. But when I try to turn on syncing it wants to sync the local desktop catalog to the web which requires deleting the online catalog.


      Is there a way to have the desktop app pull down the existing catalog just like the mobile app did? Doing an online chat with Adobe support was a poor experience and they couldn't properly answer my question.


      I find it hard to believe that in 2016, a top software company would fall this short in their product experience.

      I'm honestly thinking about using another product and cloud provider if Adobe can't seamlessly sync my images across all devices regardless of if I started my catalog on the web or the desktop app.


      At this point in my searching it seems that I have to sync my desktop catalog first and THEN I'll be able to sync across devices. I just want to verify that is the case before I take my business elsewhere.