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    Is it possible to lock the content within a text box?

    ceilr Level 1

      I am using ID5 on Windows 10, just for reference.


      I write a column for a small magazine, whose "graphic designer" insists on making every article I submit look worse!  We both use ID, so I can lay out the article (he uses ID6, I believe) as well as write it there.  This last issue, all the formatting appeared reversed from what I submitted, except for one paragraph.  He has no good reason to add spaces between paragraphs where they are not needed, delete space between paragraphs where it IS needed, or undo needed bold subheadings.  I send the same format every time, and it always gets messed up somehow.  (Btw, this has nothing to do with "house style;" we worked out all those details some time ago.  No other writer uses subtitles in an article.  I do all the time, and conform what the designer needs so it doesn't look out of place.)


      I already know how to lock text boxes down on a page, so this is not my question.  I would like to know if there is a way to lock the text within the boxes without also locking the boxes down so he can't make a mess of the content.  He still needs to be able to lift all text boxes from the page and park them in the magazine.  I don't want him to toy with what's inside.


      I'm a little nervous about the Outline capability that I've activated a few times accidentally.  (To tell you the truth, I'm not real sure what this function's purpose is, because I have yet to see it outline the content I write.)  It does freeze text, but the trouble is that even I can't unfreeze it for further editing once it's been frozen.  Or is this the only way?  (In that case, I'll make a second copy of my file just in case.)


      I feel like I am asking for something beyond ID's capabilities, but maybe?  Thank you in advance for your help.