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    Help: Lightroom Mobile deleted all my raw files

    sunstar Level 1



      As far as I can determine, this is what happened:


      1. I've been taking pictures with Lightroom Mobile for my iPhone 7 Plus, saving them in DNG.


      2. I signed into CC for a 30-day trial to upload my DNG files and get them onto my Mac (I read that this was the only way, trying to transfer images via ImageCapture on the Mac only transferred JPEGs from the Camera Roll).


      3. Lightroom Mobile on my iPhone 7 Plus reported that all photos had finished syncing.


      4. I signed in onto CC on Lightroom 5 on my Mac.


      5. I didn't see any of my DNG files being downloaded, so I turned on 'Sync with Lightroom mobile'.


      6. There was a warning dialog at the time that a catalog would be replaced, but I didn't realize that it meant it would DELETE all the DNG files on the web instead of sync. Which is what promptly happened.


      7. I clicked on 'View your synced collections on the web' under 'Help' and saw zero files there.


      8. The REAL horror came when I went back to Lightroom Mobile on my iPhone 7 Plus and discovered that all the DNG files had been wiped off my phone. I can't find them!


      QUESTION: Is it still possible to recover my DNG files, and if so, how?