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    I need a game development company to help me finish a game. But none of the companies Im finding are using ONLY Adobe products to deploy


      Background: I am creating a virtual world game for mobile as well as PC users. In this virtual world avatars can be social and communicate with each other. They can go to war or battle for resources, land, and currency. Players can also associate themselves with alliances to help better protect their property and inventory. I have four separate components that make up the game. The Virtual world source code, the server,   Castle defense code, and the players avatar.


      Problem: I need to make four separate components into one program. First I need to connect the server to the virtual world and the players avatar. Second I need to implement the war or battle logic to the virtual world so players can defend themselves from other users. The server I am using is SmartFoxServer2X. The game has been completely designed and developed using Adobe Software products. 


      Is there any companies that can help me finish the game. Can your company help me with these issues as well package the program for deployment?