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    Removal of the CPD file in RoboHELP 6

      In our project team, we use RoboHELP 6 for production of HTML Help and WebHelp for our customer's product. All source files (project files, topics) are kept under source control. After recent problems with building the outputs, we came to the decision to remove the CPD file from file version control repository. This file grows over time and supposedly does not provide users any added value. After collecting information from various sources (this forum, Adobe support web site, third-party web resources), we now know that this file is redundant to a certain extent.
      However, nowhere it is explicitly stated that no project setting is lost if one deletes this file. Project settings in this context include variables, additional single-source target definitions, conditional tag definitions, glossary, TOC, and index.

      Does anyone have a definite answer to this question: "Can I safely remove the .CPD file without losing any changes I have made to the default project settings that are included in the RoboHELP 6 installation package?"

      Thanks in advance.