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    Interactive buttons not exporting


      Hi there,


      I'm trying to create interactive buttonas that move the user more than one page on at a time - like a contents list.

      When i export it says adobe doesnt support the interactive function.

      Any page which is simply forwards or backwards works as do email links etc however jumping pages doesnt.

      I've looked in forums and it appears that PDF doesnt support this function however several people on different forums have said to make the pages hyuperlinks however how do i do this if the document isnt online?!


      My colleague had originally published to an apple version for ipad etc and the pages clicked through perfectly and I'm pretty certain the adobe publisher had done too however this document was done a while ago and we are updating it so I can't be certain.


      Any help most gratefully received....


      Using Indesign Vesrion CC2015 on a Windows comp