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    Driving me Crazy?!!!! Please Help?!

      Hi guys,

      I needed to create a website and decided to teach myself FLASH. My knowledge of FLASH is somewhat limit and although my code is probably ugly, I have been pragmatic and was extremely happy when "I thought" I had finished my site.

      When in flash, I perform a HTML publish preview and my site's functionality is exactly how I intended.
      But when I upload my files to my web host server, my website mysteriously behaves differently....wrong!

      Specifically, it is with regard to my video. My site is to be used as my band's website: The Matchbox Twenty Show. I have various buttons that when pressed show a BIO, BOOKING details, BAND MEMBERS, GIG dates and a SLIDESHOW. I also have a button that shows LIVE video from one of our concerts. I have placed "stop();" at the beginning of the respective timeline labels to prevent loading when the page opens. When I preview my site in FLASH, hitting the LIVESHOW button starts the video and when I hit the button again it restarts the video ( "seek(0); play();" ) just as I want it to.
      The video also stops when I hit one of the other buttons.

      But when I promote the files online. The video starts to play when I hit a button other than the LIVESHOW button. It still displays the details of the button e.g the BIO text, BUT the video audio plays in the background. It gets triggered by any of the buttons AND when I actually hit the LIVE video button, instead of resetting the video, it doubles up and triples up etc. i.e everytime I hit a button, there is a new layered occurrence of the video's audio track. The video component does however reset each time I click the VIDEO button, but the audio keeps layering.

      HELP?!!!! :D I apologise if this is not clear and hope someone out there has either experienced a similar problem and / or is able to offer a solution.
      I thought it might be server settings? compatibility issues with browsers or HTML parms? But I am fast becoming deflated with having mysite sitting on my computer and not the server.

      Kind regards,