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    Calling webhelp using URLs

      Hi Peter,

      I've been reading your topic 'Calling Webhelp using URLs' on your website.

      I've created my webhelp application on my desktop. When I've tested it, I could able to access the topics with synchronised TOC using the URLs. Its working perfectly fine on my local machine.

      Whereas, when I've tried accessing the same topic on a server, the target topic opens along with TOC. However, is not synchronised to the target topic.

      I've gone through your snippet 1 and added the step 8 to whthost.js. After this, when I've tried accessing the same page, there is no change in the TOC and also getting an js error 'object doesn't support this property or method'.

      Can you tell me what I am missing. BTW, I am using RH x5 and Tomcat 4.1