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    help with local database


      i have some problem with mySQLite database.i have this code for my application (in attachment).when you clik the load button,it will load a text file on the desktop directory.when you click the filter function it will split the text file according to an array that i have specified.
      the text file consist of some data like this: - - [10/Oct/2008:03:31:01 +0800] "GET /mod.php?_call=Kalendar&day=2014-05-09 HTTP/1.1" 200 - - [10/Oct/2008:03:31:57 +0800] "GET /KERIAN%20ENG/Towns/Main_Town.htm HTTP/1.0" 404

      i have created a database on my desktop using one tool that i have downloaded and point to that database.
      the probllem now is,i want to store the "200" only strings into the database.strings other than "200" will be not stored in the database.can u show me how to do this..

      i hope you can understand what i want...

      thanks for your time..