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    Half of my project's source files come from an external hard drive.  The rest come from my PC.  Can I get all of my files on one drive or the other without losing my formatting?


      The Short Story:


      I am working in Windows 10, 64 bit PC.


      I edited the first part of my project using files stored on an external hard drive and the rest of the project on an identical set of source files on my PC.  Now my project will not load unless I use both the hard drive and the computer because it is looking for source files on each drive. 


      I have a bad feeling this is going to cause problems in the future. 


      My Questions:


      Is there a way to tell the project to look for those files on drive "C" rather than the hard drive? It would seem to be some kind of simple directory issue.


      If I am able to do this, will I lose all my formatting? 


      If I cannot change the drive designation is there any way to manually transfer the first part of the project over to drive "C", so I don't lose all my formatting?


      If none of this is possible, should I just give up and redo the first part of the film (at least a week's work), or is there any other workaround?



      The Long Story:


      Basically, I started editing my project using files source from an external hard drive (designated as drive "F"). But one day, for reasons I don't understand, the hard drive spontaneously changed the letter of the drive to "G".  My project would not load.  Wrong Codec Message. 


      Figured out what the problem was and corrected the drive letter designation. But then the project started to look for missing files.  I did not understand, at that point, what was happening and felt spooked about the hard drive, so I transferred the project and a copy of all the source video files over to the  "C" drive on my PC and finished the project there. 


      However, I then started to have periodic problems loading the project.  I noticed it was asking the location of certain files. I could not figure out what what happening. But finally, as I neared the end of the project, I realized Premiere was still looking for those first files on the external hard drive "F".  My project could not load unless it sourced the files from both drives.


      I have a bad feeling about this. I am worried this is going to cause problems down the line.  I am not sure, for example, if this is the reason I am now having trouble uploading the project to the web (I have been trying since 9:00 AM and after three hours my dinky little  twelve-minute project is still only 40% uploaded). I am wondering if the MP4 is either corrupt or so large it cannot easily upload. 


      My questions are above.



      As always, thank you for any and all help!