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    Sort by Capture Time - International Travel Problem (Arrive before you leave)


      Hey everyone,


      I'm migrating from Apple Aperture and can't figure out how to do something in Lightroom.  I'm sure there is an easy solution, but I'm just not finding it.


      The problem:

      Using an iPhone and other cameras to take pictures during an international trip (or even a domestic one across time zones).  An example that causes the problem is taking a picture at the Tokyo airport gets a time stamp of (let's say) Noon on a Tuesday then you arrive in San Francisco at 8am the same day (technically 12 hours later, but as far a clock time goes it looks like you arrived before you left).


      So you have one picture with noon Tuesday and one picture with 8am Tuesday, that don't sort according to the "real" time the picture was taken (if you used UTC for everything it would work automatically).  LR shows the San Francisco picture before the Tokyo picture.


      Take that example across multiple time zones and you have pictures out of order all over the place.


      In Aperture, you could set a time zone for the image and the software would figure out the real order and then sort accordingly.  It was manual to assign the time zone, but it seemed to work for the need and sort order was reflected accurately.


      Is there some equivalent in LR?


      I've looked at adjusting the capture time, but the capture time is technically accurate for the location the picture was taken.  I've thought about adjusting everything back to my home time so all pictures in the set would be based on my home location, but that makes the time shown on the pictures in Tokyo look like they were taken at oddball times.


      Any suggestions on the best way to manage it?