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    Importing Video: audio is white noise/hiss


      I am new (ish) to AE but have used it before, I have cloned a character in a scene and look to do it again.

      The video is all recorded and I am confident with the techniques needed to make the clone effect HOWEVER when I import the video and drag into the composition the audio defaults to a 'white noise/hiss' so the recorded audio is inaudible . 2 things to note:


      1. When I play said clips in VLC or Media player the audio is fine.

      2. When the video is imported the audio track is clearly visable (green wave file - clear peaks/troughs symbolising volume and pitch) in the preview windows (top left)


      I know there will be many requests for 'more info'/codec details suffice to say MOST file type do not even import *.mp4 , *.mpg etc I get an error message - the video was filmed on Panasonic as a *.mod and converted to *.avi ...This imports BUT with the audio issue.


      AE is an expensive bit of kit, so I am surprised it doesn't seem to import industry standard video files HOWEVER I wonder is this part of the wider issue?,


      Wondering if it was a camera issue (ie clutching at straws) I filmed on my phone/tablet - as mp4 this wouldn't import,,see issue above.


      This is deeply frustrating as A) it is for a birthday message and more im'ortantly B) I have done this very thing before without issues, same computer, same spec etc


      Any ideas or suggestions are well received,  thank you in advance.